SPOC FC Player Auction

SPOC FC’s player auction is back better than ever. It’s time to sit down, study the form guide and get your mates together for what is a great way to help the club out and make your Saturday footy viewing more interesting. This year we have changed the format to allow every supporter to be involved if they choose to be. Over the next three weeks leading up to our season launch you have the chance to bid for your chosen group of A grade footballers. Players will be split into different groups and each week the three best on ground players will be awarded points in a 3,2 and 1 format.

The winning group’s owners will win  30% of the total raised, 2nd prize is 15% of the total raised and 3rd prize is 5%. There will be a running tally in each weeks newsletter for you to follow. Below are the groups and the from guide.

Bids are to be of silent nature, being sent via email to Jack Yates at jacktheplumber28@hotmail.com. Each week we will update you on what the groups are currently priced at and the winners will be announced at the season launch. Bids can be increased at anytime leading up to the season launch. If you don’t have a group to buy in with or don’t want to buy a group yourself we would be happy to enter you in a group with other like-minded people. Email Jack that you would like to be placed into a group and he will get you in contact with other SPOC FC members who are in the same boat.

The player auction is a great way for the club to raise some money and a great way to engage our supporters in who the players are and how they are playing each week. There will be constant updates in the weekly newsletter throughout the year on who’s group is performing the best.



Group 1
Christian Calabrese
A big bodied, ball winning midfielder who can also hold down a key position. Last year Christian was best on ground in 2 matches after coming to the club mid year and after an injury lay off. He is also this years A grade captain.

Jamal Issah
First year out at SPOC FC after finishing school in 2016. Jamal is a back man who reads the ball well and has great game sense. He can also play on ball.

Ed Colley
A small forward or wingman. Ed runs all day and finds himself in dangerous positions around the ground. Last year Ed was best of ground in 2 games and is looking to build on a solid season last year.

James Duncan
A big bodied midfielder or defender who has a thirst for the contest. This year is looking to be a massive year for James with more midfield opportunities being available. Last year James polled votes in 2 games.
Group 2
Tom Fotheringham
A defender who also plays up the ground. Tom is able to play tall or small and is one of the best readers of the game in the side. Last year he polled votes in 2 games. He is also this years A grade vice captain.

Toby Kelly
A new player to SPOC in 2017. A highly rated defender and midfielder who will add great smarts to the A grade team this year.

Jordan Florence-Rieniets
Returning from a year off with a knee injury Jordan is a key backman who loves the battle of footy. He is a vote getter as long as he is not being put in the umpires book. Look for Jordan to have a very strong year after not being able to play for so long.

Jake Stafford
A crafty midfielder who can go forward adding spark to the forward line. Jake won last years best first year player and this year looks like he will be even better again.
Group 3
Sam Roberts
A great tall defender who was hardly beaten last year by any forward. Sam reads the ball well and is not afraid to mark instead of spoiling. Winner of last years best and fairest polling in 6 games including 2 best on ground performances, Sam is a must have in your group this year.

Angus Matheson
Small forward who’s zip around goals makes defenders worried at the best of times. With a great preseason under him belt this year is going to be a big year for Matho. He polled votes in 4 games last year.

Michael Mittiga
A small forward who can push up the ground and use his speed to beat his defender back to goal. He can also push into the midfield and use his running power to the teams advantage. He polled twice in games last year.

Benet Copping
A tall who can play at either end of the ground and can also chop out in the ruck. Very mobile for someone of his height and is also great once the ball hits the ground. He didn’t poll a vote last year and is looking to bounce back this year.
Group 4

Lachlan Roach
New to SPOC this year after stints on the Crows, North Adelaide and Uni. Lachlan is a speedy outside midfielder or wingman with great skills and class. We look forward to his addition to the side this year.

Sam Stott
A hard nut in the midfield who loves getting a hard ball. He has great endurance and always wills himself to the next contest. He polled in one game last year.

Hamish Allen
A classy outside midfielder or forward. It was Hamish’s first year in senior footy last year and he is looking to build on a solid foundation. He polled in 4 games last year.

Harry Cudmore
A speedy wingman who loves to go forward and kick a goal. We were luck enough to get Harry back for the last half of last year and he was a vital part of the team. He was best on ground in R18.
Group 5

Seb Wiech
A big bodied midfielder who has come to SPOC from Sturt this year. Seb will be a massive inclusion to our midfield this year and we look forward to seeing him in action.

Charlie Wiggins
A forward who can take great pack marks and loves a goal. With the loss of key forwards over the offseason Charlie is looking to make his mark this year. He polled votes in two games last year.

Owen Sharpe
A great in and under forward who reads the ball as well as anyone off the packs. Loves pushing up the ground and using his footy smarts to get at the feet of the key forwards. Owen polled votes in one game last year and is a vice captain this year.

Jake Gschwandter
A hard nosed in and under midfielder who loves the contest. Jake is coming off an injury interrupted season last year and is looking good to make a massive impact this year at SPOC. Polled votes in one game last year.
Group 6

Luke Trenorden
The leading goal kicker in the armature league last year, Luke tore shreds of opposition defenders last season. After a preseason training with the Crows, Luke is looking to take his game to the next level. He polled votes in 4 games last year.

Nick Palmer
Another who’s year was interrupted with injury’s last year. Nick is a silky outside midfielder who possesses great skills. After a massive preseason he is looking to replicate the form he began last year with, another best on display.

Harry Hayward
A big bodied defender who took on the best forwards last year and was rarely beaten. Is hardly beaten in the air and will be a key to SPOC’s success this year. He polled votes in 2 games last year

Jono Bowman
A outside midfielder or wingman who always find space on the ground. Has great skills and pace and loves a goal. We are looking forward to having Jono for the whole year this year.
Group 7

Jordan Lockwood
A ruckman who is as good in the ruck as he is on the ground. Jordan has been an All Australian multiple times and we are looking forward to him continuing his great form this year. He polled votes in 5 games last year.

Ryan Findlay
A classy midfielder who dominated B grade footy last year and is looking to continue that form this year and cement a spot in the A grade. He polled votes in 7 games last year with 4 best on ground performances.

Ben Haysman
A right footed utility who has pace and skill. Ben runs all day and delivers the ball into the forward line exceptionally well. He also love a goal. Polled votes in two games last year.

Ryan Obst
A big bodied utility who plays well where ever asked to play. He will be a key to our success this year whether he is access half back or playing in the midfield.

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