New Medical Team for 2018 Season: Improve Performance Group!

Great news! We are going to be in great shape this year, thanks to the Improve Performance Group!

Nick Hunter from Improve Performance Group is going to head up our medical team in 2018. Nick and his team will provide physiotherapy services at all training and game days for the SPOCFC, plus be available in clinic for further treatment during the week. This is a huge step for the Club to allow the players every chance of success for the 2018 season. The Improve Performance Group offers sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy services just around the corner on the Parade, Norwood.

Nick will be joined by Alice Campbell (Physio) throughout the season as well as a talented team of trainers consisting of Clare, Tom and newcomers Alle Foster and Rosie McGowan.

The medical team will be in charge of all game day and training services for the A’s, B’s and C’s including acute management, taping and massage. This year there will be a large focus on injury management and providing adequate rehab plans for each injured player. This will enable the quickest recovery possible and making sure each player is ready upon return.

Nick is offering 15% off all treatments throughout the session to all SPOCFC players and the wider SPOCFC community. To book an appointment visit or email

Ideally, we want every player fit and healthy and available to play every round. Players have their role to play too and we expect players to take their rehab seriously. To encourage this, SPOCFC is part-subsidising physio treatment so players will get the best value treatment as well. So get on board!

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