1. Years at SPOC FC: 6th Season
  2. Fave position (on the field): Not full back and not the Ruck- the only positions on the field i get named
  3. Favourite SPOC player of past or present (why?): Houseboat Hayward. Any man with a turning circle worse than mine who is playing A Grade is a hero in my eyes.
  4. Most embarrassing moment: Anytime my left foot is required. Every chance it will go out on the full.
  5. Your ideal Sunday: A good old egg and bacon fry up, followed by 9 shitty holes of banter filled golf with Carter and Hunter
  6. You have to invite three people over for dinner who do you invite and why?: Sloan from Entourage, good god look at her,Daniel Ricciardo, bloody legend and Jock Blight, I wouldn’t be the stupidest person there
  7. You’re going out on a date, what do you do to seal the deal: (Will not say seal the deal on the website) What’s a date?

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