1. Years at SPOC FC: 1 1/2 years
2. Fave position: CHF
3. Favourite SPOC player of past or present (why)?: Bennet Copping, somehow manages to never trains Tuesday but still will be out to tell everyone to run laps / fitness/ ridiculous shit and he doesn’t have to participate in.
4. Proudest Football moment/ best achievement/ most embarrassing moment (pick one): Winning best and fairest and leading goal kicker for my ex home club as well as winning player of the year for the league in the same year
5. Your ideal Sunday: Sunday session with the lads, drinking bulk beers and not remembering what happened
6. You have to invite three people over for dinner who do you invite and why?: Sam Roberts because he is a lad and his gf Jen and his ex girlfriend Suzannah Hewson as it be awkward AF and I would have a good lol
7. You’re going out on a date, what do you DO: Tell the girl I’m from a farm and love animals.  They usually froth.

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