1. Years at SPOC FC: Dis my 6th yr 😳
  2. Fave position (on the field): Half back
  3. Favourite SPOC player of past or present: Cantwell/Killa combo for obvious reasons.
  4. Proudest Football moment/ best achievement/ most embarrassing moment (pick one): U/14 KNTFL Mail Medal (I peaked early)
  5. Your ideal Sunday: Hitting the links
  6. You have to invite three people over for dinner who do you invite and why?: 1.Matt Preston so I can watch him eat 2. Wayne Carey so he can re-sign my poster from when I was 6. 3. Toby Schulz cause I just think it would be funny if he were there. 😂
  7. You’re going out on a date, what do you do?: Go to move is usually saying I play at SPOC.

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