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Become a Member of the St Peter’s Old Collegians Football Club.

Your membership goes towards providing infrastructure, resources and education to assist us in reaching the future successes of our Football Club.

In a fiercely competitive Adelaide Footy League, we are striving to provide an environment where by our players have the greatest opportunity to achieve their dreams on the football field.

Your membership allows us the opportunity to give SPOC footballers a chance in reaching their potential and become the best footballers and people they can be. Below are the membership categories and EFT payment details.

Account Name SPOC Football Club

BSB: 015010

Account Number: 605000572

SPOC FC Treasurer: Phillip Cheney
PH: 0403 024 478


Rick Abbott

Will Abel-Smith

Graham Alexander

Nic Bailey

Andrew Beaven

Henry Botha

Bill Botten

Tom Bowen

Michael Brock

Steve Brookman

Scott Bungey

Kevin Burgess

Rory Butterworth

Burce Carter

Todd Candy

Phil Cheney

Jack Clarke

John Day

Tom Davidson

Michael Deane

Charlie Downer

Stephan Duncan

Jim Fairweather

Bruce Frayne

Jeff Frayne

John Frayne

Lou Frayne

Rob Florence

Doug Fotheringham

James Hay

Tom Gray

John Gill

Julian Grose

Will Hamilton

Andrew Hardy

Robert Hay

Brad Higgins

Peter Hill

Rob Hill-Smith

Tab and Jane Hunter

Tom Hyde

Bob Irving

Angus Irwin

Tony Jarvis

George Kaldis

Tony Keynes

Nick Lewis

Ian Lloyd

Kym Lockwood

Bill McLeay

Mark Mcleay

Peter Menz

Hamish Mill

Peter Moore

Geoff Muecke

Richard Nitschke

Marty Palmer

Phil Plummer

Toby Porter

Rocky Powell

Michael Pym

Sue Pym

Josh Semmler

Lachie Seears

Chris Shopov

Paul Smith

David Stock

Simon Tolley

Bill Waterhouse

Nick Waterman

Kym Weir

James Wells

Jack White

Michael Whiting

Kym Weir

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