1. Years at SPOC FC: 2 years
  2. Fave position (on the field): Wing or forward flank.
  3. Favourite SPOC player of past or present: Has to be Nick ‘Skip’ Cook. 5. Pace, versatility, massive tank, pure professional about his business – whats not to love?
  4. Proudest Football moment/ best achievement/ most embarrassing moment (pick one): Winning back to back premierships in u12 and u13 in 2007/8.
  5. Your ideal Sunday: Spent drinking powerade in bed
  6. You have to invite three people over for dinner who do you invite and why?: Ron Burgundy, Shane Warne and Nick cook, it would make for an interesting dinner party!
  7. You’re going out on a date, what do you do?: Take off my jumper to reveal my u12-u13 back2back premiers commemorative top, silky.

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